Ruth Stonesifer Long Arm (longarm) Quilting Service


This calculator will estimate the cost to quilt and bind your top based on its size. It can also estimate the cost of our batting. You must have JavaScript enabled on your browser to use the estimator.

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Fill in the blue items then click the Compute Costs button to see the result. You need not fill in your personal information below if all you want is a price estimate.

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What's Included in the Estimate

The estimate above includes quilting your supplied top and back, and batting if included. We don't normally trim your quilt unless you specifically request it. We will return all significant pieces of trimmed fabric.


You may supply your own batting if you wish. Very thick batting that requires adjusting our machine will incur an additional cost. We can accommodate most fluffy, high loft battings without adjustment.

We use 2 widths of Quilters Dream Blend batting in the Select weight; approximately 90 inches and 120 inches wide. The estimator automatically selects the appropriate width based on the dimensions of your quilt.

We charge by the linear inch for batting. For example, if your quilt is 60 inches by 70 inches the estimator would select the 90 inch wide batting and charge you for 64 inches. The extra 4 inches is an amount we need to extend past the edges of your quilt for fastening.

What could make my actual cost different than this estimate?

We charge by the time it takes to do your quilt. We know from experience that the time is directly related to the size of your quilt, but every quilt is different and the time will vary somewhat for quilts of the same size. Our experience also shows that the estimator will be very close to your final cost.

The following are in addition to the estimate above:

  • Some quilts deserve more complex designs. This will increase the price modestly.
  • You might request additional services like piecing of your back.
  • We might have to iron your back fabric because it has excessive wrinkles. Double wide and batik fabrics are susceptible to this problem.
  • If your quilt requires 2 directional centering on the back this will require more time. We cannot guarantee centering results for 2 direction centering.
  • Return shipping and insurance are not included in the estimate. It should cost about as much to return it to you as you paid to ship it to us. Please mention if you want the quilt insured and, if so, for how much. If you don't specify we will ship it uninsured. We use the Postal Service because it's almost always cheaper than UPS or FedEx and just as fast unless you're west of the Rockies.
  • If you pick up your quilt in Pennsylvania or if we ship it to you in Pennsylvania we have to add sales tax.
  • If we have to supply any additional fabric, E.G. you didn't supply a second fabric for the binding and we supplied it after consulting with you.
  • You requested us to supply new back fabric because the one you sent was too small.