Ruth Stonesifer Long Arm (longarm) Quilting Service

I can quilt that top that has just been sitting there ever since you finished it - oh so long ago!

Well, the tag line above is no longer true because I'm retiring!!! Get the whole story here.

I specialize in quilting amateur quilts for a reasonable price with quick turnaround using a Gammill Classic Plus long arm quilting machine. Some typical charges are shown below. You can get a detailed estimate using my estimator on the Prices page. See Status in the left column for my current turn around time.

Ruth Stonesifer at her long arm (longarm?) quilting machine, a Gammill Classic Plus.I can provide the batting for about the same cost you can get it in the store but you are welcome to provide your own batting. Mine is priced by the inch, so actual cost depends on the length (or width) of your quilt (again, see the estimator). I usually use Quilters Dream Select cotton blend but I can get any of the Quilter's Dream battings in a few days.

I can also bind your quilt and add rod pockets for wall hangings. I use my own all-machine method. If I add a rod pocket there will be some minor hand stitching for you to do when the quilt is returned. More details on the Binding page.

I don't charge for needles, thread or thread changes but I seldom change the thread color on a quilt. We strive to return your quilt within 4-6 weeks in most cases.

All my quilting is done free hand, either edge to edge or custom. I don't use any templates or patterns. I do occasionally use rulers or chalk guide lines when I need more accuracy. Because of this you should expect some variation in the resulting work. I can work much faster without patterns and therefore can charge you less. I use mostly Superior King Tut thread. If you want to specify a color just send me the color number from the cone. I tend to the variegated so if you like solids or dislike variegated let me know. See some examples of my work Stitch Samples page.





Crib (60" x 46") $61 $15 $34
Twin (92" x 72") $136 $30 $51
Double (96" x 92") $179 $38 $57
Queen (108" x 92") $201 $38 $61
King (120" x 122") $293 $50 $73

Sample Prices

I accept cash or check, no credit cards. Unfortunately if you live in Pennsylvania I have to charge the usual sales tax. But, if I return your quilt outside Pennsylvania, you are sales tax free! It doesn't matter how you deliver the quilt to me.

These prices do not include anything other than quilting your top, batting and back together with a pattern similar to those you see on the samples pages. We will also trim off my thread tails and many of yours also. You can choose the pattern or leave it to me. Most of my long time customers leave it to me. We do not trim the excess material off your quilt unless you request it.

The busy season is from November to about May, especially leading up to Christmas. Things slow down a little during the summer when school is not in session. I try to accommodate any deadline you might have but you must be reasonable. If you need your quilt back in 3 days, we'll just have a good laugh here at quilt central before calling you with the bad news.

I know it's a leap of faith to send off your prized quilt top to someone you have never met or even talked to. If you want to talk, e-mail me and get my phone number or send yours and a good time to call. If you're not in a hurry, send me something small as a try out. I'm sure you'll be happy with my work.

Ruth Stonesifer

Some customer feedback

OK, I confess I didn't post any bad feedback. But, we haven't gotten any. Granted we don't hear one way or the other from most of our customers but this is a representative sample of those that have e-mailed us.

Received the quilts today and the quilting is wonderful - thank you! The check is in the mail - HA HA!  - FK 12/1/10

I got it today- it's AMAZING! I love it- it's even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Thank you so much!  - AF 1/31/11

It's back, it's back, and it's splendid, magnifico! It's just what I would have asked for if I could have imagined it out. Thank you for doing a great job, and also for getting it back so fast. I like the feathers around the black border with the delightful corner pattern which looks something between a flame and a flower. I like the cool dance-y fill in the basket triangles and squares. And that figure 8 thing in the sashings which probably has a name but reminds me of Christmas ribbon candy.  - KM 2/10/11

I picked up my quilt from Bryne's on Sunday. I absolutely loved it. I think the design in the quilting was fantastic and I also loved the colors of the threads. Thanks again.  - MF 3/1/11

Ruth, I picked up the Poetic Blossoms quilt you finished for me at Byrne's yesterday. All I can say do such an amazing, beautiful, detailed job on your quilting. Thanks for such a fine job. It's such a thrill to always see your "interpretation." I just LOVE how you quilted this top. Thanks so much!  - VH 4/1/11

Thank you so much for the excellent work on the quilt that I recently submitted. I am stunned and delighted at the complexity of the quilting, and how well it coordinates with the pattern, both front and back. Rest assured the recipient of this gift will absolutely love and appreciate your efforts; being a quilter herself! Thanks again for your beautiful work. I look forward to collaborating with you again soon.  - PL 4/25/11

I have read many times that a quilt isn't a quilt until it's quilted and I find that to be so true. Your work is SPECTACULAR!  - JB 11/17/11

I just wanted to thank you and Ruth for the beautiful work on my quilt. It was so thoughtfully done; I was very impressed and pleased.  - FH 3/16/12

My husband and I want to thank you so much for changing our quilt into such a wonderful thing. It's awesome!

We can't get over admiring it. It is so beautiful with all the different designs stitched in. We just keep admiring it over and over again. We can't wait to show it to our family and friends.  - AM 5/1/12

I was blown away when I picked up my finished quilt.  So were the ladies at Bryne. The quilting was beautiful.  I had taken the finished top to my weekly quilting group and they loved it.  Of course I took it back to show them after you quilted it and to a person they were so impressed with your wonderful work.  Thank you so much.  - LO 5/30/12

I just put the binding on and while doing that I noticed more intricate quilting on your part!  The leaves around the tree carry on the theme just perfectly.  I love what you did with the tree and the swirls in the rest of the boring squares are just what it needed to perk it up.  Thanks again for a wonderful job.  - BE 9/6/12

I picked up my wall hanging yesterday. I love it, love it, love it! Please tell Ruth what a beautiful job she did. I am so very pleased! I gave the check to the woman at Byrne’s. Thanks again.  - KF 10/25/12

I just picked up our quilts (4) and we are thrilled beyond words. God has truly made you a MASTER QUILTER. Your work is stunning. Thank you so much.  - DK 11/14/12

The quilts you sent back to me arrived yesterday afternoon and are stunning! Thank you very much for your time and creative genius as well as the speed with which you are able to complete them.  It is daunting to send off projects that I have spent hours working on, hoping that they will arrive safe and sound and that they will be lovingly tended to.  You never disappoint; in fact I can't wait to tear open the boxes and see your work.  I am very grateful and appreciative!  - WN 4/23/13

I received the quilt today. It is perfect. I couldn't be happier. Worth every dollar.  I just can't imagine how surprised and pleased my sister's grandson and bride (and son and daughter-in-law ) will be.  And I am so pleased and grateful that I can bring the quilt with to the wedding.  No doubt about it. I will be back for more. With a grateful and happy heart, - LM 5/31/13

I was so excited to open the box when it came, I can't believe you got them done so quickly. I love them, they are perfect, and beautiful. My daughter just moved to her first apartment and this will be a house warming present for her. Thanks again. - MK 7/14/13