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Kris & Mom, July 2001.


StonesiferKris_Dad_med.jpg (64534 bytes)

Kris & dad, Ric, at basic and advanced training graduation, Nov, 2000.


StonesiferKris&Ric_NoHats_med.jpg (22426 bytes)

Kris & brother Ric, Army basic and advanced
training graduation, Nov, 2000.


StonesiferDana&Kristofor_med.jpg (58027 bytes)

Kris' sister in law, Dana and new nephew, Kristofor, Oct 14, 2001.


StonesiferRic_OnMtn.jpg (23044 bytes)
Brother Ric overlooking White Sands, NM.


StonesiferKris_OnMtn.jpg (20325 bytes)
Kris changing places with his brother.


StonesiferKris_OnRockFace.jpg (35612 bytes)
Mom is going to have harsh words with me if anything goes wrong on my way to the top.


DietrichLinn_Xmas2001_med.jpg (41542 bytes)

Aunt Linn, Christmas 2001.


StonesiferKris_Prague_med.jpg (37244 bytes)
Prague with aunt Linn, May 1993.


StonesiferKris_Telc_med.jpg (25367 bytes)
Back from Prague with new tee shirt.


StonesiferKris_linn_med.jpg (23345 bytes)
Car troubles and a pit stop at aunt Linn's.


StonesiferKris_Family_med.jpg (57679 bytes)

Erin, Kris, Ric, Ric, Dana
Great Fred, Elsie, Camrin, Ruth (mom), Linn


StonesiferKris_FtKnox99.jpg (24781 bytes)
Kris, Dana (sister in law), Ric (brother)
Dereck, Camrin (1999)


StonesiferRicKristofor_HappyFaces.jpg (27556 bytes)
Newest Kristofor with dad.


StonesiferDanaKristofor_HappyFaces.jpg (25731 bytes)
Newest Kristofor with mom.


StonesiferKristofor.jpg (32734 bytes)
Newest Kristofor looking to be on his own.

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